Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The X Most Obnoxious Things (Part 2)

This is gonna be a very "cincai" entry. Why? Because CNY is here. What the..It's most obnoxious when it's time like this, when you are trying to find assignment groups, plan the plans and carry them out in hope of that before the due date everything is at least done, even if they aren't near perfection. Then, what the..CNY is here? Oh, and I still haven't buy a few pairs of new half pants..and heck, CNY is here already?! Seriously? I still haven't get a group for CAD/CAM assignment. Wait, did you say CNY is on this coming Sunday? I haven't update my blog for some times now..what? CNY?! So obnoxious..Oh, Happy Valentine's Day for those who are celebrating this year. Wait, CNY clashes with Valentine's Day? Oh well..family or lovemate, your choice. So obnoxious, Ha..the end, of this entry, not the title.