Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The X Most Obnoxious Things (Part 1)

Life is just plain short. It is a temporary path that every humankind must walk before going to another dimension called the "afterlife", at least that's what we Christians believe in. People tend to say we shouldn't waste much time in our life on meaningless stuff, and be gladful to whatever we have as gifts from the Most High. Sometimes, however, perhaps we can have some complaints for fun, release ourselves from pressures put on us by anything that matters. As for why the title says "X Most Obnoxious Things" instead of giving a number to that "X", and no, it doesn't stand for "ten" in Roman letter. It's just because I don't really know how many of those things I'm gonna type, and I don't really like/care about the number anyway, heh !

"The X Most Obnoxious Things" begins..

Most Obnoxious - Drawn by James with MS Paint Why do people ask a question, and then when answered they find it not acceptable and suddenly they have their own answer for their own question? I mean, why do they ask when they already have the answer in their mind? Why do they even ask if they don't believe in the person they're asking? What are they nuts?

Friend A: Hey, why dogs like to pee on poles?
Friend B: Well, they feel secure and safe to pee at those poles.
Friend A: Ya, right..I think you're wrong. (Doubting)
Friend B: No, it's true.
Friend A: It must be that they hate those poles.
(Out of sudden, they have their answer for their own question)

Maybe that wasn't annoying enough, here's another case..

Friend A: Dude, what's the rate per hour for that CC (Cyber Cafe)?
Friend B: RM2 per hour, but half price if you play more than 5.
Friend A: Really? I thought it was RM3 per hour.
Friend B: You must have thought it wrong, dude.
Friend A: No, I'm pretty sure with what I've said.
(Oh, right. Then why ask?! ####)