Saturday, October 24, 2009

So What?!

different by choice
So what?
If I'm a quiet, very quiet person..
So what?
If I don't have much friends around..
So what?
If I don't like rubbing people's shoes..
So what?
If I like to keep thinking and imagining..
So what?
If I want to be different in a less appealing way..
So what?
If I'm too sensitive and soft-hearted all the time as a guy..
So what?
If I see you and pretend I didn't because I'm way too shy..
So what?
If I seem close to you at some point and not at another time..
So what?
If one of my ambitions is to be a priest if I don't get married by 29..
So what?
If my maths failed and I hate engineering but still studying it..
So what?
If I'm still a virgin and am proud of it..
So what?
If this is just me being myself..
So what?!

Monday, October 19, 2009






Monday, October 12, 2009

Things That Most People Agree But I Don't

Adding in vulgars into daily speech
People say the "F" word is often used in speech to emphasize, to enhance, to stress something. I say no way! I don't like putting in the "F" word or any other vulgars into my sentences to make it funny, or whatever. I like pure and clean speeches. I like to speak like a gentleman. The most I would say are "damn!", "holycow", "扑街!" and "what the heck/crab?!", and those to me are already way impolite..

Can't survive without a computer for few days..
Most of my friends said to me their comp is their life, their darling and they can't live without them even for 1 day. Some of them told me if their PC were sick they would go to CC everyday. For me, if I'm determined, I'm able to stay away from my laptop's On/Off button for days. Well, usually I do that when it's final exam and the papers are ridiculously or almost impossible to pass LoL then I'll be so damn determined not to touch my laptop at all, but only until after the paper =P

It's just the same to sleep late and wake up late..
Most people may think that as long as the sleeping hours are sufficient then it's just the same to sleep late and wake up late or sleep early and wake up early. Heck, to tell you the truth, it's definitely not the same! Our body's daily recovery period is between 10pm-2am, so make sure you don't miss all 4 golden hours, at least get half of them ^^ I prefer to wake up early and do whatever I want, breathe in some fresh air etc, I love morning with sunrise!

My Degree decides my future career..
Hmm, I would only say, eventhough I take Mechanical Engineering as my major in Degree, I don't think so I want to work in a factory. I prefer jobs that require creativity and arts value. Perhaps I take ME because I just want to get a Degree or a certificate, in my oppinion, with it I still can work in any field that I want even if it is somewhat unrelated. In other words, I study because I just want the cert LoL

Having sex before marriage..
I know some religions strongly discourage their followers to have sexual relationships before getting married. Some even disallow them to live together before marriage. I as well know that Christians in the western countries, most of them, have active sex life before marriage. However, it doesn't make me think that if it's ok for the western countries Christians to do so, then I too can do as they did. No way!! (On second thought, that's as long as I can control my nerve LoL)

Never go out for a movie or do window-shopping alone..
For me, I don't mind if I have to go watch movie in the theatre alone with all the strangers there. In fact, it's more fun that way because I get to laugh with people I never meet before. I get to watch whatever movie I want without having myself succumb to the so-called "majority". Window-shopping alone also left me with no one else to "kacau" me. Although I do prefer going out with a pack of friends, since we can discuss about girls, but I also don't mind being alone.

I'm Catholic Christian, you're Protestant Christian, he is..
To me, Christians are Christians, why create something to differentiate ourselves. We're one big family. God is our Father in heaven and we will be bro and sis in the afterlife. I don't really like this denomination thing.