Thursday, November 20, 2008 - Your Casual OG

Introduction comes first, is a web-based casual online game. What do I mean by web-based? It means the only thing you required to play the game is a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc). It doesn't require you to download any application or game client in order to run the game. What you need to do are create a new account and then log into It's that simple!

To tell you the truth, is really a casual game eventhough there are experience and level system but they mean nothing except for your "viewing pleasure". What you do in the game is walking around with your cute little avatar and make friends, queue up to go up on the K-stage to sing where your audience will give you votes, even comments (both good and bad, and sometimes evilish).

There are numerous places with K-stage. The most common ones are the 3 parks, where each park can stuff in 100 players at most. If you feel that those parks are a bit too crowded, you can also go sing inside one of the 20 K-rooms, where each lounge support up to 20 players only. Players also can book K-lounges (up to 70 players in one lounge) with meeCoins (the in-game currency which you can earn through votes, mini games, etc) to organize some competitions or games.

Each player is given an apartment room at start where you are left on your own to decorate or just leave it empty. Players can buy furnitures or a KTV set (so you can sing in your room) with meeVouchers (can be purchased with real money, top-up cards, SMS, etc). Besides that, players can also create their own family. Family is like a guild in any other MMORPG. However, in, family is more like a gathering of players with similar interests and the likes, since there is no party-leveling killing monsters all those kind of things in

There are a lot more to find out for yourself in as I'm becoming lazy to continue typing this entry. In short, is a place for people who likes singing and enjoy music. It is also a place with a lot of unfound talents because I have heard a lot of good singers and some of them even can play piano or guitar while singing. Last but not least, a piece of advice, it's very casual and if you are a MMORPG hardcore gamer, this game means no fun for you.

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