Monday, August 25, 2008



children of rain


雨天 我从以前就喜欢上了你
雨天 你让我有许多非常回忆

还记得 小时候 住的是排屋
每当下起雨时 屋顶都会传出
滴答滴答的声音 温暖 又舒服
有个家 很幸福 感觉被保护

还记得 在幼稚园 那场雨天
小朋友们 微笑 就在彼此的脸
玩过雨水的小手 把我的手牵牵
对世情毫无顾虑 开心过每一年

还记得 我六年级 雨季来临
对某些事情 抱着一颗 好奇的心
不知何故 大家心里 都想谈恋爱
那时的女生 都说会打篮球 就是帅

到了中学 雨天 还是伴我成长
学长团训练营那时 雨下了一场
当时午夜三更 也没地方好躲
与兄弟们 在外淋雨 一起度过


誠 上

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beijing '08 Olympics Badminton Final

Just a couple of hours ago, the men's s singles gold medal match of Badminton in Beijing Olympics '08 was ended disappointedly for all Malaysian fans. The gold medal was just one step away from grab but Lee Chong Wei has had to face his toughest opponent - Lin Dan from China, after defeated Lee Hyunil from Korea last Friday in a close match. The dream of all Malaysian fans was broken after two terribly lost games in-a-row (21-12, 21-8). It was an overwhelming victory for Lin Dan.

Lee Chong Wei has done many mistakes in the match. A lot of outside balls, undernet and Lin Dan was able to take advantage of Chong Wei's weakness. These two athletes are currently the top 2 shuttlers in the World and they have faced each others several times before this. Today, it seems that it isn't a day for our favourite athlete. Thus, Malaysia got away with just a silver medal in Beijing '08 Olympics for Badminton...

Tear of our Star
Will this be the last time they face each others? I have heard for 3 of our shuttlers, this is the last time they would be participate in Olympic games. Will we be still seeing them in Thomas Cup? I wonder...

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Alternative Login For IMs

Having problem logging in your usual instant messenger? Now, there are several websites that allow you to log in your favourite IMs like MSN messenger (currently known as Windows Live messenger), YIM (Yahoo! Instant Messenger), AOL (American Online messenger) and GTalk (Google Talk), MySpace messenger etc.

Those websites serve as an alternative mean to connect using your usual IM account. You don't have to register for them as they are not another IM. These websites come handy when your usual IM is not working or stop working, probably due to traffic conjestion or it has joined the dark side.

It can be very frustrating when you want to get some important messages sent to your friends on-line but you can't because your IM is not letting you sign in. Although another solution to that problem is by sending an e-mail or SMS, your lazy friends may not open their mailbox and check for any new e-mail as soon as they receive it and your phone account probably just expired and can't make any call/SMS.

Then, that's the time when those websites become your most valuable friends. They may not be as good as your usual IM since most of them do not allow you to send file over to your friends, they do not let you draw picture, they do not let you save chat logs, they do not let you keep event history, they have ugly interface and many other features are not available in them. However, when your "best friend" (your usual IM) is not in the mood of letting you sign in and you now have those websites as an alternative mean of staying connected with your on-line buddies, how could you ask for more? Not satisfied? Then keep trying to connect with your usual IM.

Examples of those websites:

P.S. Today is Beijing Olympic 2008 opening day!