Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Sign From The Author

I'm still alive, alive and still kicking!

Q: This blog hasn't been updated for weeks, why?
A: I have been very busy with reports and tests lately.

Q: Seriously? How could those stop you from spending only 30 minutes a week on posting an entry?
A: Alright, alright. I admit I was lying. Reports were easy, copied from friends last minute, and I failed most of my tests because I didn't study much... [censored] [censored] [censored]

Q: So? What has been stopping you?
A: CabalSEA.

Enough said. Addiction to any MMORPG is inevitable, and it is extremely fatal because it takes most of my time away! I have been staring my laptop screen for at least 6 hours daily. Addiction to any MMORPG not only take away my precious time that I could have used to study for my tests, but it also affect my healthy lifestyle. I'm doomed! DOOMed~

Anyway, this addiction is contagius especially to those with XY chromosomes. I'm currently playing with an old buddy of mine and is very active in game so those who wish to join us please go visit and sign up for it. It's free to download, free to play and free to be infected! (check the system requirements first though)

My CabalSEA Details
Server: Venus
Character: Momentum
Class: Force Archer
Level: 60 and still going up
More info after we meet in game!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Malaysian 12th General Election

Yea, it's on this coming 8th of March. Unfortunately, I still have 1 year and 3 months more before I am eligible to vote in the General Election, and that also means I won't be voting until the next one (4 years later). Those who have reached the age of 21 should have registered to be a voter by now, if not then that's too bad.

Several days ago I joined a network site called Facebook. It's another network just like Friendster but with different focus. The later one focus on profile customization (where you design a template for your own profile or get it from a source) while the former one focus on the interactive applications (where users can interact with each others by playing games or exchanging gifts). Another difference between them is Facebook actually uses Javascript so users can easily drag the contents wherever or however they want them to show in their lovely profile. Nonetheless, both are equally addictive and a quite efficient way to search for unknown strangers to be your friends (usually on-line friends).

The best application in Facebook that I have added so far is the
Friends for Sale! application. This application allows its users to buy and sell their friends as pets. Now friends can be bought with money. No, I really mean it! Not real money though, it's with the in-game cash. Each user started of with a value of $500 in-game money and when someone buy him/her the value will increase by a set percentage. So, the more times the pet switches his/her owner the higher value he/she has. You earn in-game cash buy inviting more friends everyday and by logging in every after 4 hours. So you have continuous source of income. So far the pet with highest value is $112 million in-game money, can you believe it?! I'm only worth $880 in-game money now. If you have added this application, please buy me!!!

Ooops, 2 out-of-topic paragraphs. Sorry for that HeHe. I'm not begging for your forgiveness because I did that on purpose LoL Anyway, back to the General Election. These 50 years Barisan National has always got the majority votes. The only explaination from me is that the people don't know how to vote...just kidding, but yeah, the following is a joke too:

My explaination:
Malaysian do not know what should they write or draw on the voting ballot they get during the election day. Most of them are actually supporters of the opposition parties.

A die-hard fan of opposition parties was asked to do something on the voting ballot with the pen we just gave her. Another supporter of BN was asked to do the same thing too.

The die-hard fan of opposition parties ticked besides the logo of the party she wants to vote for. The other one crossed besides the BN logo.

What do you think about the picture below? Which one is valid?

Malaysian General Election
If your answer is the 2nd one (with a tick) is a valid vote then you have very little knowledge of voting. The right way to do it is actually put a cross inside the box next to the party/candidate you want to vote for.

The die-hard fans of opposition parties really don't know how to vote. BN is going to get the majority votes again.

Hopefully, with this experiment we have done here, those who didn't know how to cast a valid vote have know the way now...just kidding! I know only a very small tiny little portion of Malaysian don't know how to vote, right? Please do not take the conclusion made above seriously.

So, now, which will you vote for, Friendster or Facebook?

Ooops, I mean the BN or the opposition?