Sunday, February 24, 2008

Beat Me In This Nut Typing Speed Test!

76 words You know you gotta beat me in this nut!

Additional information:
You reached 318 points,
so you achieved position 83615 of 689878 on the ranking list.
You type 407 characters per minute
You have 76 correct words and
you have 1 wrong words

1) Give it your best shot at first try. Of course, you can try it as many times as you want but it will most probably get worse because of fatigue.
2) Try typing without looking at the keyboard if you can.
3) Try using as many fingers as you can!
4) Press "SPACEBAR" instead of "ENTER" to jump to the next word.
5) Forget about "BACKSPACE", just ignore mistakes and continue typing!
6) Pray you beat the hell out of me...and be honest too.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Edison Chen: The Nut Scandal

Note: The dialogues below are fictional and thus shall not be taken seriously by anyone. Any real life incidents that clashes with this is and must be just a coincidence.

Over 1,300 pictures of 12 actresses revealed by someone called himself "Kira" (a character in the movie and anime series titled "Death Note") on-line and it is believed there are still more to come. The photos were leaked out because of Edison's faulty laptop and when he sent it to workshop.

Favourite quote from our "lemon" (Lingam's scandal): "He sounded something like me, he looked something like me, but I can say it's not 100% me." All statements made by Lingam have so far been plain stupid and are obvious lies. Why can't he be more honest like Chua Soi Lek?

肥姐 (沈殿霞) has past away on 19th February 2008. Cause of death: Diabetes. Her absence is a great loss to HK entertainment. May her soul rest in peace.

Back to the Edison's scandal. Edison has went back to Hong Kong from America and apologized to all HK citizens in a conference. He decided to step out of HK entertainment. Rumour says the marriage of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung may not survive for long. The victim of course is their new born baby. Bobo Chan's wedding was called off. Twins' Gillian Chung had many of her sponsorship withdrawn. The concert by Twins in Hong Kong is cancelled due to this event. The cancelled concert would wreck many people’s jobs, and one or two companies, who are involved in the organising. The damage done by this scandal is huge!

Hmm, a lot of things happenning since last year's December. Started of with Chua's sex tape and Lingam's scandal followed by this Edison's. Our national general election is coming, after the U.S.'s.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Malaysian's TV Ads of CNY '08

I hope it's not too late to post about this because there are still 3 more days before the official end of CNY (年十五). Below are some of the TV advertisements I watched during this year's CNY which I think are quite meaningful. If you haven't watch them all, watch them here.

CNY 2008 - Reunion Dinner by Petronas Malaysia
It's a blessing to be able go home for reunion dinner on CNY eve. Go home and have reunion dinner with your family, if you can.

CNY 2008 - Busy "Bo Eng" by Kurnia Insurance Agency
Sometimes are we really busy, or we just make it an excuse? The person almost couldn't make it to home for one more time...

CNY 2008 - Wong's Martial Art by TV3
"Biarpun berbeza pendapat, air dicincang tidak akan terputus". Wong Fei Hung spoof. Quite "无厘头".

CNY 2008 - Gangster by Perodua Automobile
A quite funny one. No matter how 'bad' a person is, they still and should at least show respect to their elders. Family comes first.

Actually, there is one more TV advertisement on Astro one but I couldn't find it. It's a phone conversation between a father and son. The father actually lie to his son about what he is doing everyday at hometown. He tells his son that he is happy living at home and there are many friends and things to do. His son suggests to install Astro at home but his father says "Like that ah, no need la, you're so busy". Hope you know which ad I mean.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine, who?

Every year, on this day, 14th of February, couples will be going out for a date and usually they will exchange presents. We call this day as Valentine's day. Alright, no history here so you gotta search Yahoo or whatever to learn more about this person named St. Valentine.

My Valentine's day this year? Same o' same. I'm still single.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Nut Year of Rat...You Sure?

Yes, you're correct if you say 2008 is the year of Rat in lunar calander. So, why hamsters are being kept as lucky pets this year instead of rats? Simple question and it should be answered by yourself:

Which will you choose to keep as a pet?


Hamster (above) or Rat (below)

RatBTW, the mascots of the year 2008?

Mickey and Minnie

Of course, they are the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!

Also, don't forget about the white mices (guinea pigs). Their sacrifices have been significant to our medical system. Do you know that there is one white mice tested and killed for every single experiment related to drugs?

Guinea Pig

Why cute things like white mices have to go through all these?!

Guess what, this year when I receive "ang pao" (红包) from my uncles and aunts I just say to them 新年快乐 (happy new year) instead of 恭喜发财 ("gong xi fa cai") and I found out that they actually look happier...was it just me or they really felt happier? Guess I will try it out again next year...for both and see which is best then I will stick to it for many years to come LoL

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

One Last Entry Before Lunar New Year

Although my nuclear family members are Catholic Christians, we still celebrate Chinese New Year with our relatives because we are all Chinese. If you ask me what is popular during CNY besides ang pao, I would say food and I mean lots of food. During the CNY eve Chinese families are gathered with their members to have a dinner together on a big round table. Whenever or wherever you go during CNY people will serve you with cookies and snacks. I personally don't like most of the cookies in CNY. I only prefer a few over so many choices. What my mum bought this year don't really interest me which is good for me because I need to maintain or otherwise lose my weight. Cookies that my mum bought home for this CNY

CNY Cookies
Cookies that my mum bought home for CNY this year

One of them was half empty
One of them was half empty already...cause it's not sealead HEHE

My mum actually scolded the "big rat" (大老鼠) who ate the cookies before CNY. Note that the "big rat" wasn't referred to me...cause I don't really like that type of cookies. It was my 2nd younger sister HEHEHE

More CNY Cookies
More CNY for one year???

Of course, fried shrimp cake (炸虾饼, I don't know what it's called in English) is very popular during CNY too besides cookies and Coke. So, last week my mum bought some unfried shrimp cake and put it on the floor of our apartment's balcony so that they get to enjoy the sunbathe...LoL no, it's part of the process to let them dry before frying them.

Unfried Shrimp Cakes Sunbathe
Unfried shrimp cakes were enjoying the sunbathe...summer already?

Upclose view of unfried shrimp cake
Upclose view of the unfried shrimp cake

If you are wondering why the shrimp cakes are so small compared to the ones you have eaten last year, that is because they will only get BIG when fried. Again, of course my mum doesn't have time to fry them yet but she has already promised my younger sister and brother that they will be fried before this year's CNY ends.

A Box of Mandarin Oranges
We haven't forget about Mandarin Oranges, have we?

What else for CNY? Would CNY be CNY without Lion Dance (舞狮)? Of course not. Lion Dance is a Chinese tradition and this guardian creature is known to bring people good fortunes. How about Lion Dance combined with a cup of Starbucks' coffee, hmm? Here's some photos taken at IOI Mall Puchong infront of the Starbucks on the past Sunday.

Lion + Starbucks
Even Lion desires Starbucks' coffee, no?

You jump I jump
"You jump, I jump"

Cute Lions
"Come, girl, it's your turn now" (so cute ><)

Lions kissing
"You did it! Come, darling reward you with a kiss" (aww)

Lions stuck
"Wow, we are surrounded by crowd. Aren't we famous?"

Lastly, I wish everyone has a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration. Remember to drink a lot of mineral water, eat less fried food and cookies, drink less carbohydrated beverages or beers, eat very few Mandarin Oranges. Stay healthy and I'll see you next year!

P.S. All photos were taken with my Motorola E1000 mobile phone's 1.2 megapixel ONLY camera with no auto-focus. It's time for me to get a 6.0 megapixel digital camera or maybe not.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Review on Cloverfield (2008)

If you haven't read Cloverfield's synopsis, watch its trailer, or know one or two things about it then perhaps you may think that Cloverfield is a romantic love story or a nice, inspirational movie. You can even picture something like the illustration below:

Cloverfield - drawn by James with MS PaintCloverfield - drawn by James with MS Paint

Now, I don't mean to spoil your premature thought about the movie but I just want to tell you the truth that this movie does not have beautiful sceneries as its background. However, Cloverfield is a movie about monster attacking the "infamous" New York city or in another name, Manhatten. Yes, another New York's disaster, though not natural disaster (The Day After Tomorrow), it's now supernatural. Of course, it's like the old movie Godzilla except that we are now watching it from the point of view of a digital video camera wielded by someone named Hud in the movie. The concept used is like another old movie titled Blair Witch Project which is uncommon but fun to watch.

Warning: This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Cloverfield (2008)

"This is insane." - unknown person in Cloverfield

Release Date:
January 18th, 2008

Rob by Michael Stahl-David
Hud by T.J. Miller
Lily by Jessica Lucas
Marlena by Lizzy Caplan
Jason by Mike Vogel
Beth by Odette Yustman

Directed by:
Matt Reeves

Official Website:

Unlike the other movies, Cloverfield doesn't tell us how the heck the huge monster landed upon the Earth and why it started attacking those architectural landmarks in Manhatten/NY madly. It doesn't even tell us who wins in the end, human or the giant monster. The movie started off with two people, probably a couple, in the apartment where the guy named Rob is recording with his digital camera. The girl, who lays naked on the bed with only a white blanket covering her body, named Beth (short of Elizabeth) just had some fun times with Rob the night before. Then followed by a farewell party for Rob because he has got a promotion and is going to Japan. The party is thrown by Rob's best friend, Hud, who happens to be the digital video cam wielder.

Our heroes and heroines being brought to the camp

Our heroes and heroines being brought to the camp

Something happens during the party where Rob and Beth seems to be unhappy with each others which I'm not going to elaborate it here so you gotta go watch the movie yourself to know it. Beth leaves the party and head back to her apartment. Then, in the middle of the party there is an earthquake. It happens for a couple of seconds and then it stops. So, everyone decides to go to the roof of the apartment and have a look. Suddenly they see explosion not far away from their apartment and there goes meteor rain...they quickly evacuate from the building and head out to the street below just to witness with their own eyes the Statue of Liberty's head rolling like a bowling ball onto the street. It looks funny when almost everyone get their cellphones and cameras out to take pictures of the head LoL

Beth's apartment Beth's apartment

Everyone try to get out of Manhatten through the Brooklyn bridge because that's the fastest way out of there. The situation is chaotic. When people are running accross the bridge suddenly a giant feet which looks more like the tentacle of an octopus breaks the bridge into half (Yes, at first I thought the monster was an octopus but later it is revealed and it is some kind of giant reptile eventhough it has millions of small creatures following it). Rob's brother, Jason, is killed in the incident. At the meantime, Beth calls Rob and she doesn't sound alright from what I heard in the phone call. Rob decides to return to the midtown and look for Beth. Three other friends of Rob say they will go with Rob though one of them was in doubt in the first place. Here is where all the frightening and scary scenes come. They go through the tunnel and meet with a few little "friends" which look like some kind of spider crossed with crab. These little friends greet them with a bite on one of our four young heroes and heroines. At the later stage of the movie we know that the bite causes an infectious desease because the military men throw her into something and kill her without leaving any trace...

A fanart of the Cloverfield's creature Fanart of Cloverfield's monster

This movie may give you the Lost's taste (Lost is a famous TV series) because the producer is of the same person - J.J. Abrams. As usual, J.J. Abrams leaves us with more questions after every episode of Lost and in Cloverfield it leaves us no clue about the creature. It never tell us whether the creature comes from outter space like Superman or Transformers, or it is a specimen of a government's confidential experiment. This is probably Cloverfield is a small piece of something bigger, you know what I mean. I really like its concept and it is better than Blair Witch Project because during BWP era there wasn't YouTuber's superb movie shooting skills. The picture quality of Cloverfield is very good and the same goes to the sound effects. I strongly recommend you to watch this in cinema/theatre like I did as you can only get the best feel of the movie there. Everything happens so fast and so real it gets even more real than those reality shows. Trust me.

Look at the banner behind them Look at the banner behind, marvellous!

I wonder how the digital video camera is so tough. It never gets destroyed during the entire show. It has shock-resistance from the way I saw it falls, drops and shakes. Its batteries never run out for about seven hours! If during the show the brand of that digital camera video is revealed I bet it will have some advertisement value to it HEHE

Watch this movie if you like horrors and adventures. This is a dizzying, disoriented fast-moving ordeal, often shot from the perspective of a man running for his life while panicked crowds scream and push him around. If you're prone to motion sickness this ride is not for you.

I rated it 3 out of 5.