Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Little Experience With LRT

Since I'm no more renting room in Setapak, KL so I'm now travelling back and forth between Puchong Jaya and Setapak to attend classes at UTAR. Actually, I have been travelling with public bus since my foundation course which was in Petaling Jaya one and a half years ago. Before that I seldom take public bus because during my primary and secondary school periods I have always been sticked with paid (by parents) school bus services

Now, I have to attend classes at UTAR Setapak not only I need to take public bus but also I have to take LRT (Light Rail/Rapid Transit) in order to reach there. To be honest, before this I only took LRT for like less than 10 times. I only take LRT when there were PC fairs at KL Convention Centre. Anyway, now LRT has become a very common type of public transportation to me.

Putra LRT

LRT is quite fast although not as fast as in many of the developed countries like Japan. It saves up a lot of my time. However, if you're going to take LRT around 7:30-9:30am in the morning you have to queue up for like 20-30 minutes before you get your butts into that train. Every train that arrive is already so packed that there is only a space for like 10 more people to stuck into it. It's funny seeing people rush and push themselves into the train LoL good thing is that everyone is lining up thus so far I haven't witness any accident with my own eyes.

Queing Up - drawn by James with MS Paint

Inside LRT, the only thing you can see is head, head and head. Sometimes I feel shy looking at everyone and it gets even worse when the train go underground and through the dark tunnel where there is no scenery to look at. So I just close my eyes and pretend to sleep. Then, I have to start thinking a way to open my eyes back later so that I won't look unnatural by "waking up" immediately just like that infront of other people...

Inside LRT - drawn by James with MS Paint

I wish Putra LRT company will increase the number of trains so that it can save more times for those people in the morning who are usually the students and workers who are rushing to school and office. They gotta do something before things become like that as shown in the picture below.

Train Overloaded

There was even once a middle aged woman collapsed and lost conscious for about 5 seconds. It was probably due to the lack of oxygen inside the train since hundred of passengers struggling to get it while exhaling lots and lots of Carbon Dioxide. Also, there was once when the train suddenly went emergency brake and everyone was sandwiched LoL...luckily no one was hurt and there was an announcement apologizing to all the passengers that time. I bet the workers at the station were laughing out loud looking at us...either that or they were feeling guilty.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Funniest Video Ever by ChurchOfBlow

Few days ago I was browsing the YouTube website and watched several funny videos there. That was when I stumbled across this cool and interesting video by CoB. A video which I can guarantee that you will watch it again and again for at least thrice just because of the song itself. I don't know if you will find it meaningful or not, but heck, watch it just for the sack of entertainment and recreation after a long day of work and school. Check it out, especially for haters! You got nothing to lose, am I right? :P

Warning: Explicit language is used in this video and it is uncensored. For instance, the phrase "you s*ck" is used n repeated for a total of 27 times within the video. Correct me if I am wrong. Be warned.

Warning: Please make sure you pause the musics which I embedded within this blog before streaming the video below.

YouTube Is My Life by ChurchOfBlow:

"Poem" of the Year:
You suck at making movies,
you pathetic geek;
Your premise is shaky, your outlook is bleak;
There isn't a too painful way for your life to end;
You really need a girlfriend.

YouTube is my life.

You should just quit now, you talentless hack;
I want those minutes you stole from me back;
No one really like you here so let's not pretend;
You really need a girlfriend.

YouTube is my life.

You pay attention, you somekind of poor;
I'm not some promotionist what YouTube is for;
I think I got the gamete for your life to mend(???);
You really need a girlfriend.

YouTube is my life. You suck!

It's so exhausting being a hater;
I put off my other tasks to later;
No work, no sex, not even bathing;
It's a full time job just makes me heavier.

You suck! YouTube is my life.

- CoB

P.S. Afterall I think this video is about asking people to stop copying other people's ideas when making videos and also about asking people to stop posting boring+useless videos on YouTube. Now say "YouTube is my life" and tell those talentless hack "you really need a girlfriend". LoL

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Secret Crush

If I am not mistaken I have never mention about who is my dream girl and who I love or who I have a crush on. I think it is time to reveal her now. Please read one line by one line and in the end you will find out who is she that I have a crush on.

I met with this girl one and a half years ago. Where? Secret. I told you I am just gonna reveal who is she, not where we met. She looks a lot younger than I but we are peers, probably because I'm big sized. When she first caught my eyes I knew nothing about her, my mind just told me that she has a pretty face and she looks beautiful. Since that day onwards, I have always been secretly keeping my eyes on her. I know, you now must be thinking that I am crazy LoL

To get to know more about her I tried to contact her on-line. Then, we just have some chit-chat on the net for a few weeks and we stopped doing so later. No, we seldom talk with each others in real life so that's not why we stopped chatting on-line. Actually, I don't even know why we stopped doing so, maybe I have scared her? Don't know...but that shouldn't be the reason cause she mustn't know that I have a crush on her that time.

She has a unique voice which I really like to listen. She speaks so clearly where I can remember word by word what she has said because it is just so crystal clear. When others people talk to me usually I will beg for their pardon to repeat themselves again but not when she talks to me. Well, although she speaks to me once in a blue moon, I can recognize her voice when she talks to others and I am nearby. This world does not require music as long as I can hear her voice all the time!

Her smiles, her actions and movements are so attractive. Sometimes she looks like a little bit tomb boy but most of the time I can see that she is a very polite girl. I must admit that I am a very shy person who doesn't even have the gut to look at any girl face-to-face even from far distance. There were times when I was looking at her and she probably noticed someone was looking at her so she turned her face and looked at me. Immediately I turned my face away and I was thinking was I being rude by acting like that or was it a good move so that I don't scare her. I don't know what she thinks about me. Should I say "Hi" to her instead of turning my face away? I just felt like I have stopped breathing when my mind was full with all these thoughts about her.

I want to be a close friend of hers but how? I can't just go buy a Cornetto ice-cream for her and ask whether she would like to go out with me on a date simply because I don't have the guts to do so and I don't know what she really think about me. What if she doesn't like a guy friend like me? I'm big sized and I'm not very good-looking.

I wish God will show me some signs if the girl I have a crush on does like my kind. Maybe if the next time we walk pass each others she will say "Hi" to me first then I know that I'm not that scary as I think I am.

I guess I have typed quite a lot now. So, who is the girl that I have a crush on? Do you really want to know? Well, just scroll down and find out.














-drum rolls-

Kuchiki Rukia from the Bleach anime!

LoL What? You think I am stupid enough to reveal my crush on my blog? Yea, I really do have a secret crush on a girl but it isn't Kuchiki or some anime character. I just can't reveal her because I don't know whether she reads my blog or not. I can't take the risk to ruin any little opportunity to become her close friend :P

Saturday, January 12, 2008

KennySia's Funniest Post Ever

>>Diu Or No Diu<< by KennySia

"Kenny is on TV!" Sneakpeeks:
"Poor Starting" Part 1/5:

"Getting Worse" Part 2/5:

"Heart-breaking" Part 3/5:

"No-Eye-Sees" Part 4/5:

"Doesn't Really Matter Anymore" Part 5/5:

In The Future...

Can you imagine what are there in this world 100 years later? Will there be any trace of human that is still alive by the time? Will Earth becomes extremely polluted or will human race overcomes the problem? Will every ordinary person able to own a personal flying vehicle? Will robots created as human's slaves or controlling the human race itself? Will there be galaxy wars (or "Star Wars" if you prefer) and will we meet other alien lifeforms in the universe? Will there be more idiots living on Earth like in the movie "Idiocracy"? Will there be enough fuel to generate eletricity and vehicles? Will there be more wars? Will the owner of this blog abandons his blog? Will Armageddon come before that?

One thing for sure, the future is uncertain...

P.S. I'm back to school after 3 months of holidays. First week wasn't too bad but I guess I will be having hard time struggling with Mathematics for Engineering II. I'm thinking about my future now...wondering if I will be able to find a job after graduation or working in different field instead.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Skipped New Year Countdown

For the past 2 years, during the 31st of December I would be having BBQ with an old friends of mine, together with his friends, who lives in Shah Alam. This year I did not receive any call from him about BBQ, probably he has stopped organizing one for this year. Anyway, it's not because we aren't friends anymore because few days before Christmas we went out for a movie nearby my apartment in Puchong.

Before last 2 years, I haven't meet this friend or maybe I should say I didn't know much about him yet since he was from another high school and just transfered to mine. So, the past 31st of Decembers I always go watch fireworks at Sunway as they have it every week. I would go with my entire family to enjoy the show.

This year, as I said, it's different. No BBQ, no fireworks as I decided to watch it on TV instead. My family, as usual, went to Sunway withour me for the 3rd time. I stayed at home watching live show from Sg Wang where they are having countdown concert. This is the first time I feel that New Year is just, so normal. It was like it's not a big day at all. Yeah, I guess I really skipped last year's countdown.

Anyway, thank those who wished me a Happy New Year on MSN messenger today. I wish everyone has a wonderful and properous year too. Great, I feel so's like it's really not a big day for me, at least for this year I don't feel anything.