Thursday, August 30, 2007

Negaraku Malaysia

Now, haven't we complaint enough about our nation? Why not we turn around and look at It from another perspective? See how lucky are we as the children of Malaysia? Afterall, we have been complaining for almost 50 years and now it is time for us to appreciate our own beloved nation.

We have the World's tallest office buildings Petronas Twin Towers which are located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur and they used to be the World's tallest buildings. Something we should be very proud of.

Petronas Twin Towers
Look at those highways in Malaysia. I bet no nation in the South East Asia can beat us in the number of highways. Oh well, forget about the road accident rate.

When it comes to eating, we have various choices of food available in Malaysia. Since we have so many races, we get to enjoy each race's delicious and unique food. We have Indian's Roti Canai, Malay's Nasi Lemak and Chinese's Fried Kuew Teow, to name a few. Uss, pedasnya...

Malaysian Food
With so many races around, we have got to learn a few languages which include at least one language that is understood by all Malaysian. This includes our own mother tongue, national language Malay and International language English. So we becomes something as below:

Tongues - Drawn by James with MS Paint
We have got no volcano in Malaysia! Should feel lucky because we won't need to encounter earthquakes and being "chased" by flowing lava.

There is no war in Malaysia. Compared to those countries at war, we are considered very lucky. We have home but they don't. They are homeless. We have 3 meals in a day but they onlt have one meal in 3 days.

We have no hard time voting for the next president during the general election. Unlike the US where their president can only serve up to 4 years, we can vote for the same person for the next 20 years unless he decides to step down and retire from the world of politics.

We have Proton. Although It is facing some financial problems now, we still get to buy car at lower cost. In other countries, there is a limit to how long a car can be used but not in Malaysia. Look at the Proton Saga in your neighbourhood, it is 27 years old now and still working!

Proton Saga
See? How lucky are we as Malaysians. Happy 50th Independence Day, Malaysia!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here Come The Mosquitoes

July in the Lunar calander is a spooky month. Why? Because it is believed by the Chinese that July in the Lunar calander is the month of the roaming spirits...or in other word, ghosts. I do not know why it rains every night during this creepy month, is it just a coincidence? Although as a Christian, I do believe ghosts exist in this World...we called them the wandering/lost souls.

As it rains everyday, mosquitoes are able to reproduce even faster, and even more. These cursed creatures will come out in search of their preys. I have been their prey for the past few nights. Their needles pierced into me and began to suck up my blood so that they will be able to lay more eggs...I was wondering, those eggs are made up of my blood, so am I a father now? LoL

I couldn't sleep well for the past few days at my second home. Even after I covered myself with blanket, those mosquitoes will find even the slightest openning to slip into the blanket and taste my blood...ouch! Here they come again...

Mosquitoes - drawn by James with MS Paint

I hate mosquitoes!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pawned by Countless Tests

Year 1 Semester 1
Week 3 (First Blood*!)
- AutoCAD Practical Test 1
- Mathematic for Engineering I Test 1
Week 5 (Killing Spree*!)
- AutoCAD Practical Test 2
Week 6 (Double Kill*!)
- Material Science Test 1
- Principle of Electrical Engineering Test 1
Week 7 (Mega Kill*!)
- AutoCAD Practical Test 3
Week 8 (Monster Kill*!)
- Statics
- Engineering Thermodynamics I Test 1
Week 9 (Wicked Sick*!)
- Material Science Test 1 Re-test
Week 10 (Godlike*!)
- Mathematic for Enginnering 1 Test 2
Week 12 (Tripple Kill*!)
- Material Science Test 2
- Principle of Eletrical Engineering Test 2
- Programming Written Test
Week 13 (beyond Godlike*!)
- Engineering Thermodynamics I Test 2
- Programming Practical Test

*Quoted from Warcraft III: Frozen Throne's subgame DotA...

It's finally the end of week 11. 2 more weeks for my exam streak to end. So far I have done quite well except in Math test 2. Now I'm busy preparing for next week's MS and PEE test 2. I know it is just part of a test by God to make me become a better man, I know it must be that! ><

Sunday, August 05, 2007

LOL - Lack Of Laughter

I just noticed that since I live at my second home, seldom do I laugh. Perhaps I just do not have something to laugh at or someone to laugh with. The things that I face the most every night are the text books and tutorial papers which unlikely to make me laugh...except to make me cry T.T (so hard I couldn't do almost half of the tutorial questions.)

Entertainment has left me and went to the other direction. The way I am now heading to is called "boredom". Tests are now my "friends". I wish I can drift away from this road to where entertainment is. I need anime, nice songs/musics, online games and more. Now I can only see them during weekends.

It's alright. It's okay. I told myself. It's just 7 weeks away for me to see them everyday. Then I will be able to laugh like a mad person XD