Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Different Birthday Celebration

What happenned last Friday was somewhat different from usual. No, it wasn't Good Friday. It was just and only my Birthday but it was a bit different from the past 18 years. Why is it, you asked?

I have been expecting to celebrate my Birthday this year with my family at my home, sweet home. Until the third week, our Mathematic for Engineering lecturer told us that we were going to have a test in the fourth week which was last week. The test was on Saturday which stopped me from going back home. As a result, I couldn't celebrate my Birthday with my family.

Just when I thought I would be celebrating my Birthday this year alone in my own sweet dream, someone has popped up infront of my room (I'm renting a room in Setapak, KL) and told my roommates and I that we were going to celebrate another housemate's birthday. Coincidently, his Birthday fell on the same day as mine. So, we went to the mamak stall and celebrated our Birthdays together with roti canai, nasi lemak, tea etc.

It was the first time I celebrate my Birthday with people other than my family. It was unusual but great in a way.

Anyway, that Saturday after the test I went home and celebrated my belated Birthday with my family. My best Birthday present for this year? Secret.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time is running. Is it running fast or slow? I say both.

Time is running slow. Last week when I was waiting for my laptop to arrive at my front door the time was ticking slow, very slow. Every second was like a decade long. In the end, she belongs to me now - my beloved laptop.

Time is running fast. I'm no more a preuniversity student. This is the 3rd week of my first year first semester in degree course. Midterm exam is just around the corner. Tons of tutorials are waiting for me to complete them and later to be passed up as courseworks.

James Little's Sand Clock - Drawn by James with MS Paint
Time is running slow. Weekdays were totally sufferable. I missed my parents. I missed my desktop. I missed Internet. I couldn't wait till weekends.

Time is running fast. I'm at home now. Weekends will be over in just a blink of eye or a snap of fingers. Shouldn't I be doing tutorial questions now?

Time is running...tick tock tick tock...

So, use your time wisely.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Battle Between Gods

First of all, may God forgives my naïveté...

I have always been wondering whether there is a connection among the 4 main religions in this World - Christian, Buddha, Islam and Hindu.

I myself is a Catholic Christian.

So, is there really a connection among these 4 main religions?

Some people said that they are actually branches of a single source. They said there is actually one and only one God in this universe. When God sent HIS representative to Earth, HE did not only send one because the Earth is a huge piece of land (notice land is a singular word because people believe the 5 continents were once a piece of huge land). Therefore, we have Jesus in Christian and Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. in Islam.

Battle Between Gods - Drawn by James with MS Paint
Bibles were written by different people from different locations with different perspectives. Of course, that is why today we have 4 different main religions but all of their stories are somewhat similar to each others. As we all can see, these 4 main religions have one common purpose which is to guide us, the Earthlings, to a bright and good road so that we can be a decent person.

Now, there is still one question remaining:

Are there more than one God in this universe?

The answer will not be revealed as I believe no mortal should know the answer for it, neither do I.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Love Dell™. I Love My Parents

Everything seem to be so smooth after I came back home from Setapak, KL on last Thursday. Not only I got some good night sleeps but my parents have ordered for me a Dell™ notebook/laptop. It's like an early Birthday for me and an early Father's Day celebration! My dad even spent his time to go shopping with me today. Although we planned to watch Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End this evening, sadly Summit USJ was out of electricity. My dad told me we will never go to Summit USJ anymore LoL I totally agree with him.

My Birthday is just around the corner - 2 more weeks. One thing for sure this is the first time I will not be celebrating that day with my family, though it is Friday, I have a test the next morning. Anyway, I think it is going to be a lonely Birthday for me that night but I guess it is okay because I have already got my Birthday present :P which is the Dell™ notebook/laptop. Well, at least she is on the way to me.

Let's talk about the laptop.

I got the Dell™ brochure in one of the newspapers I took in UTAR. I read it and found out they are having a limited time promotion which gives free memory upgrade on selected Dell™ systems. The promotion is for online purchasing only and not available in any shop. I turned to the 2nd page of the brochure and saw the Dell™ Inspiron™ 6400 model notebook/laptop. Below are the specs for this costomized model:

DELL™ INSPIRON™ 6400 (Promotion: Free Memory Upgrade)

Front ViewSide View 2
Back ViewBottom View

"Designed for versatility and performance, be in control of your work or play while enjoying mobile freedom with excellent connectivity options."

- Intel® Centrino® Duo Processor Technology, Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5600 (2MB L2 Cache, 1.83GHz, 667MHz FSB)
- Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005
- 2GB DDR-2 SDRAM (Before Free Upgrade is 1GB)
- 15.4" Wide Screen XGA Display with TrueLife™
- 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 7300 TurboCache™
- 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities
- Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945 Dual Band 802.11a/g 54Mbps Wireless Mini Card
- Dell™ Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module
- Dell™ Large Nylon Case
- McAfee® SecurityCenter™ (15 months)
- 1-Year CompleteCover™ accidental damage support

Online Promotion Price:
RM 3,699 (excludes delivery charge)

Since it is quite cheap for that specs, I've decided to upgrade/add a few things:

- Upgrade to Genuine Windows® XP Professional Edition with SP2 CD Media (add RM 94)
- Exchange Dell™ Large Nylon Case for Targus Trademark Backpack Upto 15.4" Screen-S&P (add RM 144)
- Trek ThumbDrive Mini Non-security USB 1GB Memory Key-S&P (add RM 64)

Final Price:
RM 4,118 (includes delivery charge of RM 116)

You can actually have them install Genuine Windows® Vista Professional Edition with the same price instead, depends on your preference. If you would like to know more about this Dell™ Inspiron™ 6400 laptop or other promotion laptops feel free to visit http://www.dell.com.my

P.S. Really, I can't wait to say "hello" to my new wife :P I only know she is on her way from Penang to my front door! I love my parents so much *kiss* To tell you the truth, this is the very first time they spend about RM 10k for me (including schooling fees) within a week. I swear I will give them the best I can when I earn my own money and give them my love+care.

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Little Experience Of Taking A Cab

Today's morning I went to the Public Bank with my mum to apply/open a saving account. I need an account in Public Bank because there is one and only one ATM machine in UTAR which is the Public Bank's. Just in case if there is an emergency and I need cash urgently then I can go withdraw in UTAR. Another reason to open an account in Public Bank is the PTPTN loan only allow students with an individual saving account in Public Bank to apply.

So, we went to the public bank by public bus. The process of applying/openning an account took us almost 2 hours. There were not many people oppenning account but then there was only one counter for that purpose. So, a lot of time wasted waiting in line. Afterward, my mum has to go to work so she hurried me and caught a cab on the way to the bus stop. Then, this is what happenned:

My mum openned the door of that cab and asked the taxi driver whether is he going to Bandar Puchong Jaya or not. In addition to that, my mum told him that we were going to Impian Heights Apartment. Alright, the driver nodded his head and we went into the cab.

The weird thing is the driver did not start the meter which is uses to calculate the fee of the journey. I thought we were going to get a cheap ride this time. Then the driver just started stepping on the accelerate pedal and turned his head and body around to tell us the journey will cost us RM10. *curse* *breathe* *curse again* Why?! The journey should not even cost more than RM5! Does it means we live in THAT apartment so we are very rich to pay RM10 for such short distance?! My mum and I were arguing with the driver on the way to our home. My mum did not give him the RM10 but RM6. Hey, RM6 already considered as a lot for that...if he runs the meter he should have just get like less than RM5.

Now, the really funny thing is the driver insisted that we have to pay RM10. My mum kept refusing and told him that she has already paid more than she should. Perhaps the driver got mad at us or whatever, he left the RM6 on the bench at the ground floor of our apartment and drove away...funny, is it not?

The driver was asking for more at first but in the end he left the money on the bench?! Was he trying to scare us or what? Is that the attitude he should has for his costomers?

Anyway, I learnt a lesson this morning. The next time if I am going for a cab ride, I will ask whether the driver is going to run the meter or not first before going into the cab. This is not the first time we meet with such taxi driver. The previous one ran the meter but during the arrival of the destination he asked us to add RM2 besides the fee shown on the meter screen. So, from now on, I will take cab as less as possible.