Thursday, May 31, 2007

Unfamiliar Ceiling (Modern Poem)

I open my eyes
What I see is the ceiling above me
I stare at it for a few seconds

This is strange

The ceiling is not what I used to see every morning

I try to think

I figured it out
This is not the ceiling in my room
Yes, I am not at home now

So, where am I?

I wonder
I am afraid
This place is...
I close my eyes and try to think
Yes, I remember at last

Here is now my second home

P.S. I really couldn't get good sleep at nights in Setapak, KL. I have classes from 8am to 5pm almost everyday due to that I have 7 subjects in this semester. I think I want to move out from this current house in Setapak because the housemates want everyone living in that house to practice something every morning at 6am - read Buddha bible. Hell, I am a Christian and I must follow this nonsense rule?! So I guess I have no choice but to find a new room and move out ASAP. The good news is my parents are going to buy me a new notebook/laptop soon! Can't wait to say "hello" to her (the laptop) HeHe I'm at home now, finally I get some good sleep at night. Air-cond, computer, television, bed, I missed them all!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thank You

Alright, tomorrow is Sunday, 27th of May, a day before my Degree course starts. I was planning to move to my new home in Setapak, KL tomorrow but I changed my mind and decided to move today (which is later today). I just want to adapt to my new environment one day earlier and I know I won't be able to have a good sleep tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow's night will be different.

As there, at my new home, has no access to the Internet, and I have not get a laptop yet, I will not be able to update my blog frequently. I can only do it occasionally or during weekends when I will be back at my REAL home. I am just worry about what will I do with so much time on hand since there will be no Internet access...sleep, eat, sleep again, and daydream?

Anyway, I'm here to announce that my blog is now OFFICIALLY open. This means I will start posting about my life in university. Hopefully, I will have the determination to continue blogging for four years to come...well, that is highly dependent of you, yes, you! Keep reading my blog, please : )

As for now, I will need to turn off my computer and wave goodbye to her.

Many thanks to those who left comments on my blog for the past few weeks (in chronological order):

First Comment - Drawn by James with MS Paint
Chee Siat
Mycroft Holmes
Deng, the very eveel genius

...and for those who came by and left quietly, please leave a comment in the future to at least let me know your existence ^^ thank you in advance.

Countdown: Tomorrow is 27th of May, 2007!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Little Nut Packing For Today

Alarm Clock Rings. Turn To The Left. Open Eyes. Turn To The Right. Look At The Clock. Pull Away The Blanket. Wake Up. Turn Off The Alarm. Walk Out To The Toilet. Look At The Mirror. Open The Water Tab. Wash Eyes. Wash Face. Rinse Mouth. Take The Toothbrush. Take The Toothpaste. Open The Cap. Press The Toothpaste. Get The Paste With The Toothbrush. Close The Cap. Put Back The Toothpaste. Brush Teeth. Rinse Mouth. Clean The Toothbrush. Put Back The Toothbrush. Turn To The Right. Walk To The Toilet Bowl. Get The Pants Down. Pee. Get The Pants Up. Turn Around. Go Out. Back To The Room. Change Clothes. Take Watch. Wear The Watch. Get Handphone. Put The Handphone Into The Pocket. Get Wallet. Put The Wallet Into The Other Pocket. Go Out From The Room. Go To The Living Room. Get The Key. Open The Lock. Go Out From The House. Close The Lock. Put The Key Into The Pocket. On My Way To UTAR...

Something Happens In Between...

Back Home. Put Down The Key. Check The Entire House. Find Nobody. Go To The Bedroom. Put Down Everything. Get Naked. Go To The Bathroom. Take A Shower. Get Dressed. Go Out To The Bedroom. Turn On The Computer. Start Packing. Packing. Packing...

Tidying - Drawn by James with MS Paint
P.S. Going to Setapak, KL few days later. Not mentally prepared yet. Went to the orientation in UTAR today but skipped the briefing of someone important and left earlier. I'm still packing. Not actually packing things up and move all of them to Setapak, KL. Just to make my room clean and neat before leaving (it is really a mess right now as I am turning my room up side down). Will get back to enjoy every single second afterward by playing game!

Countdown: 4 days to 27th of May, 2007 : (

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Malaysia Official RO Free Server

Malaysia Official RO Free Server banner
Woah, woah, there, don't be too excited by just looking at the title. Please, do not be fooled by it too! I'm going to give you two news on this Malaysia Official RO Free Server - Prontera Server - one good, one bad.

RO (Ragnarok Online) is the very first MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) I had played when it was in the Beta Test where it used to be free of monthly fee and yes, a super lag MMORPG. The game is developed in Korea and being managed by GameFlier Malaysia for both Malaysia and Singapore servers.

Well, I guess some of you have already known of the release of this free server a month ago if you are a fans of RO. Yes, it was a surprise for me too and I was getting hyped that I am going back to RO once again...

I'm going for the good news first. Apparently, the server is free from any monthly fee! It's not those illegal private free servers but official free server. Yes, you get to play it for free without buying the monthly card or whatsoever. What you need to do is go to the cyber cafe nearest to you and buy the game pack which includes a CD and a newbie guide for only RM 3.80. After three(3) years of launching the RO Malaysia they finally open a free server for stingy people like me. Isn't that great?

Oh, well, that is not really the case. Now, for the bad news...first of all, they are following the MMORPG trend by openning something called item mall which is majorly used by many new MMORPGs to make profits from it. Players are indirectly forced to buy the items so that they can level up like in the P2P (Pay To Play) servers and experience the game to the maximum. So, afterall, we still have to spend some money.

Second of all, are the various limitations set in the RO free server where some of the limitations will really cause pain in the ass for the players especially the hardcore ones. If you have played RO before you should know there is a NPC (Non-Playable Character) named Kapra in every city that provide teleport services. In the free server, these services are being removed. This will cause the players to have a hard time travelling from one city to another especially if they are low in level. In addition to that, "Wing of Fly" and "Wing of Butterfly" are being removed too. These wings used to be the tools that let players save their spawning point anywhere - in the dungeons or in the deadly towers - so that when they die they can revive nearby.

Besides all those pains in the ass, the major limitation is that 50% of the original experience that you should get when defeating a monster is being deducted. This means you get only half the experience of the P2P servers! This is what indirectly forces players to buy the double experience rate card which increases the experience back to its normal rate.

The painful limitation for Acolyte profession (a profession/class/job in RO whose main purpose is to help players and do all the supporting and healing in a party) lovers like I myself is that the Teleport skill of Acolyte class consumes 500 SP. 500 SP!!! Totally insane! It means DEATH for us Acoltyes! Imagine how we save our asses from the surrounding monsters when we left only a few SP... (SP is the short from of Skill Point which is needed to perform a skill/magic. HP stands for Health Point which in another word is life).

To cause an even greater pain in the ass of all the players, now there will be a certain chances for equipments or weapons equipped by the character to drop once it is defeated in game play. That means once lag we might lose something precious to us! We spend millions of zeny (a curreny used in RO) on an equipment and lose it during the battle?! Not to mention the safety level for refining and upgrading an equipment (safety level is the level where you get 100% successful rate. If it fails, then player will lose the refining item which is quite expensive in game) and weapon is being removed too and they cost a few ten thousands zeny.

Oh, come on, with all these pain-in-the-ass limitations, why make a free server now?! Don't make us fly high in the sky and kick us back to the ground! It hurts, indeed. For you out there, if you are still interested in playing the RO Free Server feel free to do so since you are really a fans of RO but do not put high expectation on it as it is not the same RO you used to play anymore...BTW, Ragnarok 2 is coming to Malaysia soon. It is in 3D! Yes, everything 3D not like Ragnarok which is the combination of 2D and 3D. FYI, however, it is going to be a P2P MMORPG.

P.S. Next week gonna move to Setapak, KL already. Still haven't prepare anything yet (things needed when I go there and also my mind). Now watching as many anime and enjoying my time as much as possible LoL

Countdown: 10 days to 27th of May, 2007 : (

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Before Moving To Setapak, KL

Below is the list of things needed in Setapak, KL:

instant malt pack
instant coffee pack
water bottles
facial tissues
handphone charger
school bag
alarm clock
To be added...

Below is the list of things I should get after moving:

high-end notebook
internet access
game CDs/DVDs
movie DVDs
MP3 player
To be added...

Countdown: 11 days to 27th of May, 2007 : (

Friday, May 11, 2007

Insufficient Resources

Insufficient Fun;
Insufficient Idea;
Insufficient View;
Insufficient Time;
Insufficient Sleep;
Insufficient Space;
Insufficient Diction;
Insufficient Energy;
Insufficient Creativity;
Insufficient Motivation;
Insufficient Information;
Insufficient Determination;
Insufficient ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Countdown: 16 days to 27th of May, 2007 : (

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nut Lucid Dreams Archive

Dream, an experience of envisioned images, sounds, or other sensations during sleep. The events of dreams are often impossible or unlikely to occur in physical reality and are usually outside the control of the dreamer. However, there is one thing called "lucid dream" in which the dreamer realizes he/she is dreaming are sometimes capable of controlling various aspects of the dream. Therefore, it resulting a much clearer experience and the dreamer usually will have the dream remembered for years to come. Some dreams may lead to deja vu which means "already seen" in French. Something that happening right infront of our eyes have we seen before in our previous dreams and that is what we called deja vu. Enough of the introductory, I guess I should just start listing out my dreams, in no particular order.

When I was a teenager, I dreamt of waking up late. I was chasing after the school bus till I reached the school gate.

When I was living in my previous house, I dreamt of being pressed by a huge flat rock.

When I just learnt how to climb, I dreamt of me climbing out from the house and there was no one there. I was so afraid and cried. The dream is clearly remembered till today.

When I was a teenager, I dreamt of me sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. Out of a sudden, a pretty girl came and kissed me on my cheek, who seemed to be my future girl was so real I feel the saliva...I was drooling

When again I was a teenager, I dreamt of me waking up with another pretty girl beside me in the morning, who seemed to be my future wife...we chit-chatted awhile...and I woke up again...

A Blue Dream - Drawn by James with MS Paint
When I was a teenager, I dreamt of me running and hopping down the floor, high enough to cause a casualty to happen but there was not a scratch on me even after hopping a few floors.

When I was a primary school student, I dreamt of my best friend became a stranger to me and he did not speak to me at all no matter how hard I shouted his name.

When I was again a primary school student, I dreamt of me driving my daddy's car. I was so experienced and there was no accident.

When I was a foundation studies student, I dreamt about hanging around in the class with my secondary school friends and there was no teacher for the entire day.

Don't know when, I dreamt of me experiencing the most thrilling, exciting and intensive roller coaster in the world.

There are just too many lucid dreams that I had before but it is hard for me to recall them in a short period of time. However, I am sure that I have never had a dream where I am dead, I am a bad guy, I am being kidnapped by the aliens for experiment, I am becoming an angel, etc. Very seldom do I have nightmares too. Never do I dream of superheroes. I must admit it happenned a several times before where I saw something in reality that I once dreamt of. Everything was like a flashback to what has happenned in my dream. Sometimes I thought we are living in the future and present. Sleeping is a way to bring us back to the future...Well, that's just my thought and hardly can we prove it with lab experiments. It is something scienctifically unexplainable. Just like how the universe exists in the first place.

Countdown: 17 days to 27th of May, 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nut Watched Anime List

This is a list of anime that I have watched and still watching in these eighteen years of my life (well, actually, I started watching anime just 4 years ago). Most of them are actions with comedies while some are romance, and even some are ecchi ones LoL if you know what ecchi means. The list is in alphabetical order.

AniMatrix (Movie)
Cowboy Bebop (Movie)
Death Note
Final Fantasy: Advent Children (Movie)
Final Fantasy: Last Order OVA
Ghost in the Shell (Movie)
Ghost in the Shell 2 (Movie)
Girls Bravo
Ichigo 100%
Initial D First Stage
Initial D Second Stage
Initial D Third Stage (Movie)
Initial D Fourth Stage
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
Laputa: Castle in the Sky (Movie)
Naruto: Shippūden
Naruto the Movie (Movie)
Naruto the Movie 2 (Movie)
Naruto the Movie 3 (Movie)
Neo Genesis: Evangelion
Ouran High School Host Club
Princess Mononoke (Movie)
Spirited Away (Movie)
Sumomo Momomo
Trinity Blood
Tsubasa: Chronicle Season 1
Tsubasa: Chronicle Season 2

Those bolded ones are anime that I'm still watching (because some I have just downloaded and some are still ongoing). I was shocked with the list of anime I have watched and still watching. I didn't know I actually have became an anime hardcore fans LoL I started to watch anime when my friend first introduced and lend to me his Hikaru-No-Go anime series VCDs. Then I just kept watching other anime and until today, I'm still watching anime!

"So many anime, so little time"

Countdown: 18 days to 27th of May, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Ambitions (Part II)

...continued from My Ambitions (Part I)

My second ambition was to become an inventor like Thomas Edison. I remember I read a short story book about him when I was a small kid. His story was a sad yet an inspiring one. He was the one who first discovered the electricity and invented the light bulb. He used to have a low IQ level and even his teacher looked down on him. Eventually he got kicked out from the school due to his low IQ level. There was one day when he saw a chicken hatched an egg. He asked his parents how the egg hatches but his parents ignored him. His curiosity has made him wanted to search for the answer so he took an egg from the kitchen, pretended to be a chicken and sat gently on the egg for the entire night. The egg just never hatch and he was disappointed. The next day his neighbours found out about it and thought he was crazy, his parents scolded him too but hey, who would have know that he is going to be the one who invented the light bulb and things that are important and useful to mankind when he grows up. I was impressed by his story and that is why I wished to become an inventor one day.

Egg+Heat=Chick - Drawn by James with MS Paint
I like a reality game show titled America Inventor. The contestants are so creative and innovative. I really think all of them deserve to win but then it is a competition and there can be only one winner. One thing sad about this reality game show is it actually hurt and crash the heart of those inventors who couldn't make it to the next round and they gave up becoming an inventor eventhough they have the potential but they don't have enough money for continuing their invention. If you don't know, being an inventor will make you so poor that you don't even have 3 proper meals in a day since you don't have a proper job with constant income. Well, inventor can be rich but not until their invention is being widely accepted by the public.

Even my current ambition is related to my second ambition. Now, I want to be a mechanical engineer. I know if I study hard enough I will one day be a successful engineer or even better than that. However, being a mechanical engineering isn't my prior ambition. Now that I know ambition is not just about occupation, and so my ambition has became a totally different one.

To be continued...
Countdown: 19 days to 27th of May, 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

Prologue (Part VI)

Continued from Prologue (Part V)

Last week we stopped at the friend who has been there with James always since fourth year in primary school. So, who is this friend of James and how did they meet each others?

James met with this friend of his when they were being arranged to the same class. The strange and funny thing is that they were actually classmates during the first and second year but they have never known each others. His friend was then transfered to another class in the third year and only the next year they knew the existence of each others.

When they met, they did something unusual. They did not introduce themselves verbally. Instead, they wrote down questions on a piece of paper and exchanged them. They filled in the answers and brought it back to school the next day. It was weird but then they both were introverts. Surprisingly, they eventually found out they actually studied in the same kindergarten! This has got to be a fate.

So, from that days onward, they started to talk with each others more often. Some other friends have joined in as well when they found them talking with each others. So that have increased thier circle of friends. There were some who were quire lazy and left behind in the studies but they weren't embarassed to ask questions and James and his friend were kind and gentle enough to teach them LoL Even when they go to the canteen during every recess, they would walk in group. It was cool that time because they were like a gang, but they were all good students.

After three years and after the UPSR (the test that all sixth year primary students have to take before going to high school), they thought they would be seperated. However, that didn't happen and they were transfered into the same high school. It was just that they weren't in the same class but during recess they would go to find each others in canteen. Again, they were fated to be in the same class again in the last two years of high school. Although now they are seperated (James has gone to UTAR while his friend decided to continue his sixth year in high school), they are still in contact with each others. Nobody knows what will happen in the future but James knows he doesn't want to lose such a friend and will do anything to prevent that from happenning. I haven't mention his name, have I? Well, I can just tell the initial letters - CYK

Now in UTAR, he is with another friend who he got to know in the second year in high school but they seldom speak with each others. Although James knows very little about him, nevertheless he hopes that he will be another friend just like YK. This friend has a very high interest in automobiles especially fast performance car and computers. There is just one flaw, this friend of his has less interest in others' feeling and sometimes a bit selfish LoL I guess James would hope that his friend will never read this. Anyway, he is sure that they will just get along well and go through the coming 4 years in a snap of fingers.

To be continued...

P.S. Just came back from Genting Highlands after staying there for 2 days 1 night. It was fun and enjoyable. I guess this will be my last time going to there for this 4 years because will have a very unpleasant and busy time studying in UTAR Setapak, away from home during weekdays...

Countdown: 20 days to 27th of May, 2007

Friday, May 04, 2007

My Ambitions (Part I)

Yeah, yea, I know. This is a primary school essay title. However, I just feel like composing an essay with this title at my age now to see how different my ambition compared to those I had when I was still a young kid. It certainly has changed and evolved a lot as I grow older and wiser.

I still remember my first ambition which I was forced to come up with one when I was in primary school. I didn't even know what is "ambition" until my teacher asked me to write an essay on that. My first ambition was to become a prime minister of Malaysia. I know. It's impossible but I wasn't an intelligent kid that time and I didn't know many stuff. Anyway, I thought being a prime minister is cool because I used to think that he is like the king that control the nation. Later I found out he wasn't the king but a president-like person. In Malaysia, we do not have president so prime minister is the one who handles all the political stuff. The current prime minister of Malaysia is the fifth and so far there has not been a prime minister who is a Malaysian Chinese, neither a Malaysian Indian. It could be that the Malays, who claim themselves as the natives (bumiputra), want to maintain their status quo and prevent our nation from falling into the hand of other races. Hey, we are all Malaysian so why are they behave like that?!

King-like Prime Minister - drawn by James with MS Paint
So, it seemed that my first ambition is not attainable for the coming years, or in my entire life. Anyway, the essay was not praised by my teacher and I scored quite low for it. I remember my teacher used to tell us that when we are writing an essay on this title, we have to choose to be a doctor, lawyer, bombaman (fireman), teacher, construction engineer (it was so popular that time), accountant or any other occupation that contribute to the people. I remember we weren't being asked to write an essay on this title for just once, but a several times, it was even a famous essay question in the tests regardless of in the Chinese or Malay language. So, since become a prime minister is not a proper dream, they said, so I have changed my ambition to someting else.

To be continued...

Countdown: 23 days to 27th of May, 2007

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Prologue (Part V)

...continued from Prologue (Part IV)

Still remember the first friend James had before he met with the naughty two? He was James' one and only one close friend in kindergarten. Although he has met with a few other friends later, James has never been close to them. He didn't even speak much with the person sitting beside him or around his seat.

Due to his height, he had always been ordered by the teacher to sit at the back of the class, regardless of in kindergarten or in primary school. He didn't like to sit at the back but he didn't want to block the view of those students behind either. Anyway, his eyesight was and is sharp and strong, probably because his eyes are inherited by his daddy who used to be a pilot in Malaysia Royal Air Force (TUDM - Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia). Not only he has strong eyesight but he also has a pair of good ears so it wasn't hard for him to pay attention when someone talks.

Far Behind - Drawn by James with MS Paint
James was really quiet and introverted when he was in kindergarten and primary school. Friends weren't much of a need for him because he didn't feel like talking or communicate. He was afraid of strangers. Only those who approached him and introduced themselves have became his friends, his only close friends. Most of them have departed from his life and went to other directions and they never keep in touch with James anymore. Fortunately, there is one who is always there with him since standard three (third year) in primary school.

To be continued...

Countdown: 24 days to 27th of May, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nut Drawing For Today

P.S. Foundation in UTAR is over a couple of days ago. The future full with challenges and excitement is waiting ahead of my road. The end of the road is still an unknown but one thing for sure, I'm few steps closer to it now.

Countdown: 25 days to 27th of May, 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Something Nut For Today

Turn To The Side. Open Eyes. Turn To The Right. Look At The Clock. Pull Away The Blanket. Wake Up. Walk To The Toilet. Look At The Mirror. Open The Water Tab. Wash Eyes. Wash Face. Rinse Mouth. Take The Toothbrush. Take The Toothpaste. Open The Cap. Press The Toothpaste. Get The Paste With The Toothbrush. Close The Cap. Put Back The Toothpaste. Brush Teeth. Rinse Mouth. Clean The Toothbrush. Put Back The Toothbrush. Turn To The Right. Walk To The Toilet Bowl. Get The Pants Down. Pee. Get The Pants Up. Turn Around. Go Out. Back To The Room. Change Clothes. Turn On The Computer. Sit On The Chair. Wait For The Computer To Loads. Sign In To MSN Messenger. Check Emails. Sign Out From MSN Messenger. Look At The Watch. Take The Handphone. Make A Call. Put Down The Handphone. Get Up From The Chair. Go Out From The Room. Go To The Living Room. Go To The Kitchen. Open The Refrigerator Door. Take A Bottle Of Milk. Open The Cap. Take A Glass. Pour Some Milk Into A Glass. Close The Cap. Put Back The Bottle Of Milk. Close The Refrigerator Door. Drink The Milk. Wash The Empty Glass. Put Back The Glass. Go Out From The Kitchen. Go To The Living Room. Go To The Bedroom. Sit On The Chair. Stare At The Monitor. Log Off The Windows. Turn Off The Computer. Get Up From The Chair. Wear The Watch. Get The Handphone. Put The Handphone Into The Pocket. Get The Wallet. Put The Wallet Into The Other Pocket. Go Out From The Room. Go To The Living Room. Get The Key. Open The Lock. Go Out From The House. Close The Lock. Put The Key Into The Pocket. On My Way To Someone's House...

Countdown: 26 days to 27th of May, 2007