Monday, April 30, 2007

Amateur's Second Poem - I'm Healthy

Elephant lives in the zoo,
And so does the Kangaroo;
I like drinking Kickapoo,
Coke is my favourite too.

Animals in zoo are kept in the cage,
So nobody gets hurt when they rage;
Yesterday my body felt so strange,
I prayed that today it will change.

Above the tree was a monkey,
It was holding a big key;
I have never felt so happy,
Because again I am so healthy.

The zookeeper got so worried,
Because the monkey has escaped;
I am glad I have fully recovered,
And the holiday has just started.


P.S. Hehe, yea, I'm alright now. I have never felt so good before LoL You know Saturday how high was my body temperature? It was 39.8 degree Celcius! Last Friday I was feeling okay but the next morning when I woke up I felt so cold. Luckily today I did well in my test and now I'm officially in holiday, hooray!!

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Prologue (Part IV)

...continue from Prologue (Part III)

So, what actually happenned after James met with the two "friends" during his kindergarten era? It was a sad experience for him that changed him into a good boy at school until present days (at school)...

One day, those two "friends" invited him to do something "fun". They took a book from one of the school bags during recess time when no one else was in the class; It was a girl's exercise book. They started drawing pictures on that book with colouring pencils. They were having so much fun until a few minutes later, they got caught by their teacher because of their noisy laughters.

As the bell rang and everyone went back into the class, the teacher told everyone what happenned and ordered them to apologize to the girl. James started to drop his tears as he felt guilty and uncomfortable with such situation. Anyway, they were being punished to stand in front of the class and pull their ears for the rest of the classes that day. Eventhough they were being punished, those two have never changed their attitude at all and still did a lot of bad things in kindergarten.

Punished - Drawn by James with MS Paint
That was the very first time James being punished at school. He knew it was a mistake to befriend with those two so from that day onwards, he never speak to them anymore. He also knew what he has done was actually wrong and being a bad boy at school will get him punished by the teacher XD At home, he was still a crybaby and a naughty boy...

To be continued...

P.S. Thank you for your concerns on me. BTW, I'm feeling much better right now compared to yesterday's evening and this morning. I guess one more night is all I need to be fully recovered. Thank you again for reading my blog ^^ I promise I will not stop blogging for another month HAHA that's all I can promise you at the moment because I don't make empty promise :P

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Amateur's First Poem - I'm ILL

I can see a lollipop,
It is hanging on the top;
I like listening to Hip Hop,
But now I am listening to Pop.

I can see a fisherman,
He is on the boat with his woman;
After listened to Robbie's Better Man,
I wish I too could be a better man.

I can see a waterfall,
It is up there on the hill;
I think I am gonna fall,
Cause now I am ill.

I know today is public holiday,
I hate to say this but today is not my day;
I wish I can be fully recovered the next day,
Cause there is a test on Monday.

My Physical Appearance (Part V)

...continued from My Physical Appearance (Part IV)

My legs, a pair of elephant's legs (lol, not the desease, ok?), like my arms, are hairy too...argh, enough of the hairy part! My legs have companied me wherever I go for these 18 years and 10 months. They have walked with me for million of miles since the day I learnt how to walk. Imagine how they carried a burden that's 100 kilogram heavy (yea, that's me...) when running and walking. Shameful of me though, cause I seldom cut my nails. I only cut them like once in a couple of months, LoL. However, I always keep the cleanliness of my legs regardless of how untidy my room is... (great, now I am talking about my room.)

Growing Legs - drawn by James with MS Paint
So, that's all for my physical appearance entries, I guess. There is no more stuff I would like to type on this topic anymore...hehe.

The End.

P.S. I guess I ruined my drawing very badly with the blue spray (but I still call it a fine art LoL). Anyway, better off to slumberland now because I have a test in the afternoon.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Review on The Number 23 (2007)

Warning: This article/entry/post/review may contains spoilers.

The Number 23 (2007)
"There is no such thing as destiny; There are only different choices that you make." - Walter Sparrow in The Number 23

Release Date:
23rd of February, 2007

Jim Carrey as Walter Sparrow
Virginia Madsen as Agatha

Directed by:
Joel Schumacher

Official Website:

I watched this movie in theatre on last Sunday with a friend of mine. Glad that he has invited me to go watch this movie because I liked it a lot and I got to see Jim Carrey's breakthrough in acting in such a thrilling movie (usually he stars in comedies, if you didn't know).

Walter holding the novel and his wife
The story begins with a dog catcher named Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) who lives a normal life with his wife, Agatha (Virginia Madsen) and his teenage son. On his birthday his wife bought him a novel as his present. It is an old, self-printed and self-binded novel titled "Number 23" printed there "a novel of obsession" by the author named Topsy Crate (sounds like Top Secret huh?). So, he starts reading the novel every day.

Walter reading the novel
The life of the book’s main character, a brooding detective named Fingerling, is filled with moments that echo Walter’s own history. Walter becomes infected by the most frightening and evocative part of it - Fingerling’s obsession with the hidden power of the number 23. This obsession begins to control Walter. He sees the number everywhere in his own life and becomes convinced that he is damned to commit the same horrific crime as Fingerling who has murdered his girlfriend. Walter tries to find an answer to the number 23 and eventually he finds out that he is the writer of that novel. He lost his memory because he tried commit suicide but failed. So now he must unlock the secrets of his past and make a right choice before he can continue his future with his family.

Detective Fingerling and his girlfriend in the novel
This is a movie for those who like thrillers but not for the faint-hearted.

I rated it 4 out of 5.

P.S. Just finished watching the match between Manchester United (Red Devil) and AC Milan when I am typing this. The Red Devil scored (by Ronaldo) at the fifth minute early in the match but then AC Milan managed to get an equalizer and increased the league (both by Kaka') making the score Red Devil 1-2 AC Milan. Fortunately, in the 2nd half, the Red Devil stroke back and sent in 2 fantastic goals (both by Rooney) and owned AC Milan for this morning. The final result was Red Devil 3-2 AC Milan. Sleepy now...let's go to slumberland!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Review on Rocky Balboa 6 (2006)

Warning: This article/entry/post/review may contains spoilers!

Rocky Balboa 6 (2006) "It's not how hard you can hit; It's how hard you can get hit, and still move forward." - Rolky Balboa in Rocky Balboa 6

Release Date:
Christmas 2006

Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa
Burt Young as Rocky's son
Antonio Tarver as Mason Dixon

Directed by:
Sylvester Stallone

Official Website:

I downloaded this movie with Bit Torrent last week (yeah, I know it is illegal). It was a great and inspirational movie directed and produced by Sylvester Stallone who is now at least 60 years old. I haven't watch the first 5 of the Rocky Balboa movies but I am very sure that I will watch them when I have chance because I would like to know more about the inspirational stories of Rocky Balboa. The first movie was filmed when my daddy was in high school which was in the 70's. My daddy told me he lost in a fight in the end in one of the movies but I was like doubting. How could the director let the hero loses in a fight? Oh well, I should watch in order to find out the answer.

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), the former 2 time heavyweight champion and a father to a son, has retired from his boxing career in Rocky Balboa 5. In Rocky Balboa 6 which was released in Christmas last year, he steps back to the ring and fight with the current undefeated heavyweight champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon (Antonio Tarver).

Rocky talking to his son

The story started with a retired boxer who is missing his passed-away beloved wife, Adrian Balboa. His son is a busy corporate worker who is famous and get entertained because of his father and he doesn't like it; He wants to work out something for himself, by himself. Rocky always tell his stories of glorious past in a restaurant and one day, the ESPN broadcasts a computer simulated fight between the legendary boxer, Rocky Balboa and the undefeated current heavyweight champion, Mason Dixon. Rocky won in the simulation and this brings up the heat among the boxing fans. Mason's manager then suggest him to fight with Rocky in an exhibition. I still can't imagine how a 60-years-old man would fight against a young boxer who punches as fast as lightning.

Rocky punches hard in his opponent's face
Watch this movie if you are up for something inspirational, some actions or if you are a fans of Rocky Balboa movies.

I rated it 4 out of 5.
P.S. Well, from now onwards, I will post some reviews on the movies I have watched which I think are nice and worth your time once in awhile.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

My Physical Appearance (Part IV)

...continued from My Physical Appearance (Part III)

Big Boned - Photo taken by James with Motorola E1000My arms/hands/fingers look meaty and big but if you ever get a chance to touch my arms you will know how huge is my bone that makes my arm so big. I like my arms/hands/fingers a lot because they helped me score a lot of points in basketball games; They helped me type on the keyboard which I am doing now; They helped me wipe away my tears when I cry alone in the dark; They are my companions of all time. Therefore, I always take extra good care of my arms and fingers. You can barely see any scar on them...haha, it's true. Besides that, they are quite hairy, I always wanted to cut them (arm's hair) but my mum told me they will just get thicker when they grow back later...haha...just kidding, why would I want to cut something that is natural plus it is a gift from HIM? :P -kisses his hands with love and passion- Haha, ok, I know it is disgusting, I will stop doing things like that in the future XD

To be continued...

P.S. Alright, I must do the final preparation for my first test which I will be taking later in the evening!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Prologue (Part III)

...continued from Prologue (Part II)

James used to be a crybaby when he was in kindergarten. He was a little egoist who only think about himself but no other. Whatever he wanted he would do anything to obtain it either by force or by getting sympathy from others (crying, that's it). All the other kids that time knew very well of James' attitude and ego so they were always hiding their beloved toys from him. Contrary, he always share his things with his younger sister at home. I guess he was in love with in the loveship between siblings. The bond between them are so much stronger that time compared to now.

At School At Home - Drawn by James with MS Paint
O.U.G (Overseas Union Gargen) Kindergarten was where James learnt his ABC and 123. He spent two years studying there before he went to primary school. There, James met with a young kid and befriended with him in the first year. Although they weren't in the same class, during the times before and after school they will be together looking at other kids running around. They seldom speak to others; They were just like living in their own little world.

Things weren't so nice when James met with other two "friends" in his kindergarten era. These two "friends" were so naughty and they influenced James in a bad way. It was a really ill experience for him at his age, indeed.

To be continued...

Baby James - Photo taken by James' parents long ago P.S. I couldn't post other pics which my parents taken when I was small because my scanner isn't working. The only photo I have in this PC is the one shown on the left. People used to say my face was cute (when I was small) but now it looks old already LoL. Stay tuned for what happenned next. BTW, I also spent more time than usual in drawing that picture above as a compensation for my yesterday's entry.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Physical Appearance (Part III)

...continued from My Physical Appearance (Part II)

My is getting larger and more round in shape year by year. How much have I always wished for the infamous and sexy 6-packs? LoL Actually, I'm really desperate for that 6-packs. I even eat lesser now compared to last time. I do a lot of exercises that stretch my muscles especially at the stomach part, if any. It hasn't show much of a result yet because I just started doing these exercises recently so let's see how long my determination can last...LoL

Six Packs - Drawn by James with MS PaintTo be continued...

P.S. Next week is final examination today I'm spending less time in the morning for typing this entry and use the rest of my morning time for revision.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why Nut Self-loving?

Definition of self-love:

Yahoo! Education Dictionary
- n. The instinct or desire to promote one's own well-being; regard for or love of one's self.
- adj. self-loving.
- 1. The instinct by which one's actions are directed to the promotion of one's own welfare or well-being, especially an excessive regard for one's own advantage.
- 2. conceit; vanity.
- 3. narcissism.

So why self-loving when we know it is something selfish, egoistic and arrogant?

Well, it's true that self-loving is bad at certain degrees. However, it does no harm but good to us if we have a little bit of self-love in ourselves. Self-love is a natural state. Everyone has it, just that the degree of self-loving differs for each person. Self-love is the absent of self-disapproval and self-doubt and it is actually related to our self-esteem. Self-esteem is how we view and judge ourselves whether positvely or negatively. One of the ways is by looking at yourself in the mirror and ask particular questions.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall - Drawn by James with MS Paint
Self-love can increases one's self-esteem. Although sometimes high self-esteem can be fragile and lead to narcissism, people who have high self-esteem and who are self-loving usually have good qualities in them. For examples, they are caring towards others because it feels good to do so; They find a thought that feels good and practice it (think positively); They respect and feel responsible for themselves. In addition, lack of self-love is the main reason why people face emotional problem.

Below are some articles on the Internet that I would like to share with you:

SELF-Therapy: Self-Love
Healing Articles - Do You Love Yourself?

So, let us all start loving ourselves a little bit more day-by day from today onwards!

And, do always remember the three basic principles of self-love:

1. "Who we are is more important than what we do." - It means don't do anything and be a lazy person but still feel that we are important XD

2. "We are valuable. Nothing can change that." - Me for USD100Billion, anyone? NO price negotiation.

3. "What we want always matters." - Size does matter afterall...

P.S. I initially got the idea of posting entry with this topic from a comment posted by hwey yesterday. BTW, This entry is NOT supposed to be funny but to provide some knowledge upon self-loving...or is it? Hehe

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Physical Appearance (Part II)

...continued from My Physical Appearance (Part I)

The very first impression that I give to a stranger is that I am scary, fierce, tough on the out-side, a bully with giant-sized body. Most people will stay away from me before they even get to know me. They probably think shouldn't mess with me because they think I might crush them into pieces...argh, no, that's so not me! I don't even want to hurt a fly!!!

Chased by Fly - Drawn by James with MS Paint

Sometimes I blamed my Lord for giving me such gigantic body; Sometimes I blamed my parents for no particular reasons; Sometimes I blamed myself for being unlucky. However, there were times when I feel proud of my body. Being huge isn't always that bad; Being huge means I have greater physical strength; With great strength I am able to protect those people around me; People around me will feel much safer when they are with me because they know, they know I will protect them with full force; They know I am a trustworthy and loyal type of person who will never turn my back against them; They know, they know because they know me well enough. (Eek, how come I am talking about my personality instead of physical appearance?) Well, I just like helping friends using both my mental and physical strengths.

A Trustworthy James - Drawn by James with MS Paint

To be continued...

P.S. From now onwards, I will be putting up some of my self-drawn pictures or photos taken with my phone camera to make my blog entries a little bit more addition, I will shorten my blog entries too.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Prologue (Part II)

...continued from Prologue (Part I)

Last week, we have been talking about James' childhood in brief. So, soon we are going to look at the details...but not today...cause I'm going to introduce those family members of James that I mentioned in Prologue (Part I)

James' parents are the ones who loved and love him the most and they are also the ones whom he cherished and cherishes the most. James' dad, Jack, is James' inspiration of life. Whatever James does is because of his dad's influence. He likes playing basketball because his dad was once a basketballer in his high school era; He likes watching football matches on TV because his dad is a football fans; He likes watching movies in the 70/80's because his dad told him they are nice and inspiring. Many people have told them they look alike, just like brothers. They think they are physically alike but they don't know they are mentally alike too. Of course, James has always got angry for being told that his dad and him looks alike because he thought they were just telling him that he was old...haha.

Well, James really does resemble his dad in many ways, including the bad habits. Fortunately, his dad does not smoke or drink. So what are those bad habits then? Both of them doesn't care much about the cleanliness of the house; They will just let the females living under the same roof to do all the house cleaning stuff. Both of them doesn't like being disturbed when they want some private space in their room; They will be pretty fed up if others knock on their closed door room. Both of them like to watch movies or football matches till late night and they even can stay awake for the entire night just to watch the World Cup Football matches on TV; Mum has always been nagging us and telling us it is not good for our health to stay up for so long at late night, but we couldn't hear her because of the cheering from the "crowd" so she just went back to the room mumbling something while she walks away. Pity mum...James feels sorry for her.

Two Movies Addicts- Drawn by James with MS Paint

James's mum, Siew Lan, is the type of woman who likes to nag on everything and anything James does. "Look at your table, those papers and rubbish are stacking up like mountains. Aren't you going to clean them up?", "How many days have you not sweep the floor in your room? Are you going to wait till the dust becomes 3 centimeter thick?", "Can't you use your hand to hold the plate when you are eating?", "Are you going to marry your computer? You have been sitting there for 2 hours!", "Can't you sit straight on the sofa when you are watching the TV?", and much more are the common nags of his mum, it's just that they are all in cantonese. However, James knows, he knows that mum is saying all those for his own good. She wants him to be a good man and a good husband in future. -cough- Not that I'm saying his dad isn't a good husband...haha. Ok, let's just skip it. So, there is no doubt that James will be utmost happy if in the future he found a girlfriend that resembles his mum, despite all those nagging XD

Nagging Mum - Drawn by James with MS Paint

James' first younger sister, Jennifer was mentioned in the previous post. When they were still young kids, they used to play with each others always. James acted like an adult and take good care of his younger sister. He always gave her his toys which at that time were his favourites. They had fun chatting and laughing a lot. However, it doesn't last for long. As time passed, they seem to have less and less topic and they seldom have any conversation with each others. Perhaps it is because of the difference between their genders. She now prefer to talk with her friends at school than talking with him. Deep inside their hearts, they still have each others and that's for sure because they are family.

To be continued...

P.S. I know some of you may found this kinda boring but this (typing my history) is the only thing I would do until 27th of May, 2007. After that will be about my life in Setapak, KL and my future. Sorry for being boring. Ah, and sorry for the bad drawings XD

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Friday, April 13, 2007

My Physical Appearance (Part I)

Well, tonight I am not going to continue the so-called "prologue" I typed yesterday. Instead, I am going to type about my physical appearance so it has completely nothing to do with my personality or my in-side, but just the description of how am I look like with naked eyes.

So, let's start from my height. I'm 6.1 feet tall which is equivalent to 186 centimeter. While most of my friends and relatives are praising or jealous of my height, I certainly do not think that being so tall is much of an advantage in my daily activities eventhough it becomes a great strength of mine when I am playing basketball or changing the light bulb, LoL. Why? Just take an example of I standing inside the bus when there is no seat available, if I were to stand at the rear inside the bus, my head will reach the top and I am forced to bend my neck or back in order to avoid from serious banging between my head and the is definitely not a comfortable pose. Another fact of "not cool being so tall" is I am always the victim when comes to thing that require a tall man to do it such as changing the light bulb and cleaning the ceiling fan. Now, you should already know how uncool being so tall...

Next, will be my weight. Well, this is something I would like to keep as a secret but after thinking about it I told myself why do I want to keep it as a secret...better reveal it, then explain why I am so heavy and don't feel shame about it, LoL. So, my weight is a big number compared to other normal weight is...100 kilogram (200 pound)...arghhhhh!!! Okay, okay, I was just too shocked that I actually typed it out, LoL. Yea, your eyes have got no, it is time to explain why am I so heavy. Firstly, it is because of the fatty tissues underneath my skin. That can be solved by doing more physical activities so it wouldn't be a problem for me since it is alright for me to do exercises everyday for 10 minutes. Secondly, it is because I was born heavier than any other new-born babies. I was 10 pound when I came out from a dark place, LoL. Thirdly, this should be the main reason why was I so heavy when I was newly-born and until now I am still so heavy - big bones. Unforunately, I can do nothing to solve this problem. According to the BMI, I'm actually overweight and almost reaching the level of obesity.

My height and weight can tell that I am quite a big-sized man, a giant to be exact. I think I always give a scary first impression to those people who barely know me. I wish I could be slimmer and thinner so that I won't scare anybody. I'm doing my best now so hopefully, few years later I will be slimmer. My target isn't just to lose some weight but also to have a nice body figure, LoL. Wish me good luck in pursuing my target if you will...

Since I am an Asian, to be more specific, a Chinese Malaysian, so I have black hair, black irides, black eyebrows and yellow skin. I like my hair to be short and not too long because I hate it when my hair covers my eyes and makes me feel itchy. I have small, sharp eyes with quite thick eyebrows on the skin above them. A pair of medium-sized ears, a not too tall nose (I actually wish it is taller, hehe) and a mouth with a pair of lips that are always as red as roses eventhough I never use lipstick on them. Many people think that I am wearing lipstick all the time and I have to keep telling them I'm not! It is naturally rose's red in colour! My mum told me they are so red because I do not drink enough of mineral water and hell, I am thinking a couple of 1.5L bottles of water everyday! (I guess God wants them to be like that and actually, I'm glad for having something that no one else or a minority of people have. Woosa!)

To be continued...

P.S. The prologue will be continued soon...don't worry, hehe. By the way, I'm not going to post for the next two days. I will only post on weekdays but after 27th of May, 2007, I will be posting on weekends only and by that time there won't be anymore history of me like the prologue LoL so stay tuned.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Prologue (Part I)

On 22nd of June, 1988, a baby that weighted 10 pounds was born to this World. He was given a beautiful name - James - by his father. It marked the beginning of a small, healthy family. That time, the family was living in a rented house. They were quite poor at that time where both James' parents were working from early in the morning to late night, and they still are now except the working time is shorter compared to that time. Two years later, the Lord sent a little girl to the family and she was given a name - Jennifer. She is the first younger sister of James.

Since both their parents were working from early morning to late night, they were partially "adopted" by two different persons and so they were seperated. James didn't know Jennifer was his younger sister until he reached the age of 5 when his parents bought their first very own house which they have been dreaming of in the past. Both James and Jennifer were reunited under one roof together with their parents. It was a sweet little home, and it still is now plus that its number of members has been increased by 2...hehe.

James was a slow learner. For instance, he spitted out his first word only when he was 3 years old and he was only able to walk by himself at the age of 4. So, whenever they go anywhere James' father has to carry him on his back or chest. It wasn't an easy task because James was quite heavy at that time, and he still is (I will tell you why one day, LoL). Despite all these, James managed to learnt many things during his kindergarten era and got full marks for all the tests he had. At the age of 7, James became a primary school student. The early phase in primary school wasn't much of a problem for James but things get worse when he was in the 4th year. He seemed to has lost interest in studies and never pay attention to the teacher during classes. Fortunately, that lasted for only one year.

In the 5th year of James' primary school era, many people ranging from his classmates and teachers in his primary school, to his relatives and both his parents, were so worried about him and his future. They gave a lot of good advices and motivation to him. At the same time, he also did think about his own behaviour and the reasons why he became not interested in studying anymore. Thank to God, James was able to find himself back and continue to study hard for every examination he had...even until today he is still working really hard towards his goals. Achievement in life has became a very important thing to him especially when those achievements can cheer up the people around him who he cherishes. That makes him feel proud of himself and glad to be part of this World.

To be continued...

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

NOT Grand Openning of My 2nd Blog!

So, this is it. I have finally started typing for this blog. The previous friendster's blog of mine was abandoned for months now due to particular reasons, no big deal though. In fact, there were a lot of craps in that blog of mine. So, this is my first blog after the Friendster's. Actually, I was planning to start this blog on 1st of April, 2007 but too many stuff have bothered me during the past couple of weeks. However, I guess tonight isn't a bad day to start a blog too, eventhough it is not on weekend. As you have read from the title of this entry, this is NOT the grand openning for this blog, lol (lots of laughters/laugh out loud). Nothing much really, I just want to start counting down the days before I move to a new, strange place and start a challenging life there. For sure there will be lots of problems and unpredictable things waiting for me in Setapak, KL. Four years isn't a long time, yet for me it isn't short too. Let's sit back and watch how am I going to get through these four lengthy years, week by week. Check back soon for more updates!

P.S. I would like to thank those people who have inspired me to start blogging again. Hopefully, this will continue for four years long...LOL

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Sunday, April 01, 2007


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